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Driving targeted traffic to your blog and other websites is an ongoing activity that you simply must engage in if you are going to be successful online. You have many choice when it comes to the ways you will accomplish this goal. Think about the type of prospects you want to attract, the follow up you will have with them once they opt in to your list, and the best ways to have traffic to your sites on an ongoing basis.

You market is only a small segment of the total number of people who are online. If you think everyone is your prospect you will spend forever attempting to get people to your sites who will have very little interest, or none at all, if they do finally find you. Instead, just spend time attracting the people who are definitely prospects for what you have to offer. For example, many people on my lists love dogs, but it does not mean that they will be interested in hearing about training dogs from me. My market is people who want to start an online business from their home computer. I focus on this as I drive traffic to my sites.

The next issue we must address is what you will do with the traffic - visitors - who arrive at your sites. You may want to sell them something, but do not rush into this on the first visit. Instead, have a free giveaway, such as a video, audio recording, or short report you can give them in exchange for their name and email address. This makes much more sense if you think about it. Someone new arriving at your site will be highly unlikely to make a purchase on their first visit. However, if you ask them to opt in to receive your free giveaway you will be able to sell to them as long as they stay on your list. This gives you time to connect with them and build the trust that is necessary in order to do business on the Internet.

There are many ways to drive traffic to your sites, but few of them are valuable over time. I find that article marketing, social media, and short reports are the very best ways. Also, each of these is completely free. I write and submit articles to the article directories on a regular basis. The people who read these articles are then familiar with what I have to say by the time they click through to my site after reading. Social media helps me to build relationships with my prospects so they will join my list. Repurposing my articles into short reports gives me content to distribute freely across the Internet, driving targeted traffic to my sites.

Traffic generation does not have to be difficult or time consuming. Make a plan and then stick to it for the best results with your online business.

Remember that the reason to start an Internet business is to give you the time and financial freedom to live the life you choose. Download free training on building your online business by visiting Get Started Online to learn how to write articles, blog, become involved in social networking and learn the technology needed to build a profitable online business.


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