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Your blog is your home on the Internet, and it can be used to build up almost any type of business. Because it is considered to be your home, you want your blog to welcome visitors much as you would if someone stopped by your house to see what you were doing one day. This means that you will want to put your best foot forward, and make anyone who stops by feel at home. Give visitors to your blog a reason to spend some time, and a way to stay connected with you long after they leave.

Include your picture on the home page s that visitors will know who you are. The Internet can be extremely one dimensional, so we want to include pictures and even audio to let people feel like they know us a little better. Use the same or a similar picture on all of your sites, including your blog, social media sites, and as your avatar when you leave a comment on other people's blogs.

Include detailed information on your 'About' page so that someone searching online will have a good reason to work with you. This is all about marketing yourself in such a way as to let visitors know why you are an expert in your niche.

Make it easy for someone who has never been to your blog to navigate their way around your site. We are all impatient when we are searching online, and it is all too easy for them to find your blog, become frustrated when they can't find what they are looking for right away, and just leave your page for the next site. Instead, make it a comfortable experience by making your navigation bar and sidebar links simple to understand and click.

Video will also add value to your blog site. You can create a short (under ten minutes) video and upload it to a sharing site such as YouTube, and then add the video directly to your page. It is easy to do this by going into the HTML of your post and pasting in the code generated by YouTube. This serves to make you two dimensional and adds greatly to your online visibility.

You can see that you can make your blog more inviting to your visitors and prospects by spending some time to make it more welcoming. Over time, this will make a huge difference in how you are perceived by others and how well you are able to increase your bottom line.

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